What is Allergy Testing and Allergy Therapy?

Allergy therapy is non-invasive and uses muscle testing (kinesiology) to determine substances to which the body is allergic or sensitive. This involves placing a tester or sample onto the navel and testing the muscle. The muscle will weaken if the body has a problem with the substance. It is a gentle and accurate way of testing and lots of substances can be tested in a session. You can bring along your own samples as well.

Do you have allergies?

Some people know they react to certain foods, chemicals, insect bites etc, because they have an immediate reaction,whether it is a skin, respiratory, or digestive reaction. Some reactions are not so obvious, and will weigh the immune system down, until the body cannot cope any more and responds with a more chronic problem, for example glandular fever or arthritis.

I like to use the analogy that the body is like a boat - to begin with it floats nicely on the surface, add too much weight and it will start to sink. Equate this to the body, and add a cocktail of pollutants from the air, chemicals from our food and water, electro-magnetic pollution,(computers, mobile phones, electrical appliances), toxins from vaccines, then add the stresses and traumas of life. Is it any wonder, then, that we pay the price - dis-ease?

Our body is actually very clever; it is trying to alert us to the fact that we need to address issues in our life, if we choose to ignore the signals, then we get ill, which forces us to rest, stop eating certain foods, change our lifestyle, etc.

What happens in the first session?

  • A full case history is taken
  • An explanation of muscle testing, how it works, its applications and some "practice" for the body to get used to testing in this way
  • Test thyroid, liver and kidney function. Often these are out of balance and can be corrected using herbal or homoeopathic remedies .
  • Test for candida, yeast and mould imbalances
  • Test over 140 substances, including bacteria, viruses, food additives, vaccines, parasites, foods and any samples you wish to bring with you
  • Discuss in detail a dietary plan plus any suitable supplements
  • Look at Flower Remedies, and how they can help
  • Look at lifestyle, and how to avoid certain allergens
  • Treatment is by homoeopathic desensitisation. This is usually in the form of drops to be taken orally for a fixed length of time
  • The first session will usually last an hour and a half; subsequent sessions will be shorter. I am pleased to discuss progress or questions during the period between appointments, which will usually be about a month apart.

    I am an allergy therapist and offer treatments in Craswall, near Hereford, Herefordshire, and at Hereford Centre for Natural Health, Belmont, Hereford

    If you would like to book an appointment, then please contact Sharon.